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Pro-Pac Packaging
Pro-Pac Group
We are the packaging experts!
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Who we are?

One of Asia Pacific's largest and most respected manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers of packaging related products and services

Who We Are
Our Companies
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Our Companies

The Pro-Pac Group consists of three key companies: Pro-Pac Packaging, manufacturer, importer and supplier of a comprehensive range of general and industrial warehouse packaging; Integrated Packaging Group (IPG), Australia’s largest specialist manufacturer and distributor of stretch film wrap and associated products.

Our Products
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Our Products

Our product range cover all aspects of logistics from packaging of goods to cartons, sealing, protection, wrapping, storing and shipping.


At PPG, we believe very strongly in the conservation of our environment, its' resources and the recycling of as much product as possible. Reduce, reuse, recover and recycle are the four practices of our commitment to a better environment and social responsibility.

Integrated Packaging Group
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PPG Online

PPG Online is our online ordering website which provides our customers with the benefit of 24/7 ordering convenience at their fingertips. Visit our online store today at www.ppgonline.com.au or click on the Buy Online Now button to get started.

Online Ordering Made Easy

Source and Sell

About Us

Source and Sell is a division of Pro-Pac Packaging. PPG is a publicly listed company with turnover in excess of AUD $450 million. We are a stand alone entrepreneurial business unit with all the benefits of a large public company.

Source and Sell is a creative product development and sourcing company. We travel the world identifying trends so that we can bring current well priced products to our customers. Our customers are mass merchants in the discount segment of the retail market.

We have very large mass merchandise customers in the USA, UK and Australia. We buy large quantities making us a very important customer for our suppliers.

Through sharing of product information, we provide meaningful information to each country. This enables each country to benefit from the success of another country.

We value the contribution our supplier play in the supply chain. We travel extensively to visit our suppliers to understand how we can work better with them. We are continuously looking to build and cement our relationships with our suppliers. Through this on-going relationship building process over the past 30 years, we now have a portfolio of trusted reliable suppliers in our ongoing search to add value to visit fairs to seek out new suppliers who may enhance our supply chian.

In order to ensure that all our orders are delivered in full and on time, we have a very well developed quality assurance process. We have an extremely dedicated and experienced production team who understand what could go wrong. Being part of a large public company adds to this capability.

We source from all over the world.



Source and Sell was founded in 1997 by Robert Galombik. Robert has a long history in Discount Variety Retail. He was one of the founders of the GO-LO chain and The Reject Shop. After exiting from retail, with all his knowledge of factories and all his experience of trading in China, he started importing. Soon he had restablished a reputation for developing good value, current on trend product. Source and Sell was a valued partner to its retail customers.

In 2012, Source and Sell was acquired by Pro-Pac Packaging.It was then that the growth took off. With the benefit of financial resources as well as the support of a large company structure, Source and Sell's only limitation was the product we could bring to market. Today, Source and Sell is a highly valued partner for our retail customers.


Our Culture

We recognise that our greatest assets are our people.

We have a cultre of mutual respect for each other. No one team member is more important than another. We are constantly learning from each other as to how we can be more efficient and effective.

We have an entrepreneurial culture. We encourage our team members to try new things. Everyone is encouraged as long as one is giving every shot, the best shot. The work environment is energetic, fast paced and creative.

We have a culture of being customer centric. Nothing a customer requires is too difficult. While not everything can be achieved, we will do whatever we can to meet our customer's request.

We have a culture of respect for our suppliers. We recognise that our suppliers are an integral part of our success. This culture of respect has resulted in a well established portfolio of reliable trusted suppliers.

We have a culture of rewarding our team members for their effort.


Ethical Sourcing

Source and Sell only sources from factories that meet the strict international standards set for social compliance. Every factory that we use needs to be audited for social compliance. If a factory does not meet the standards, we are willing to work with the factory to improve the conditions of the workforce. If a factory is not willing to improve to meet the standards, we will not work with them. We employ a lot of our own resources to improve the working conditions of the factory workers.

 The Code of Conduct ensures:

  • No child labour
  • Wages must comply with the applicable laws in the country
  • No forced labour
  • Strict record keeping for each employee. This ensures that each employee's rights are enforced.
  • Health and Safety in the work place. The standard sets out minimum Health and Safety requirements.
  • Ethical practices requires that at a minimum all national laws are recognised and adhered to




PPG Certifications


Contact PPG

Corporate Headquarters
83-85 Banbury Road, Reservoir, VIC, 3073
PO Box 441, Reservoir, VIC, 3073

Phone: 1300 PROPAC | 1300 776 722
Fax: +61 3 9269 5199
Email: info@ppgaust.com.au
Web: www.ppgaust.com.au