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Hearing Protection Standards

Written by PPG Administrator

Hearing loss due to industrial noise is one of the most widespread yet preventable work place injuries. Continual exposure to noise from machinery, tools, traffic and general workplace activity can cause significant, irreversible hearing loss. 

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Respiratory Gear Standards

Written by PPG Administrator

With the presence of airborne hazards in the work environment, it is important to choose a respirator that is comfortable and convenient to wear but also approved/certified for protection against the majority of airborne workplace hazards. 

So what are these airborne hazards?

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Choosing The Right Bubble

Written by PPG Administrator


When it comes to choosing the right bubble wrap, do you know which "bubble" is right for your product(s)?

Refer to our guide below to help you decide on choosing the right bubble to ensure you have the right protection for your product(s). 

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